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SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you working on a website’s ranking? Despite following the step by step process for SEO, are you still not getting results? The thing with SEO, it’s not enough that you have done the necessary steps.

There is a bigger question in place. You may have checked off everything that is on the list but the question is, have you done it properly?

You may have faithfully followed your guidebook and still, you don’t get the results you’ve been wanting. The page isn’t ranking, what would probably go wrong? Actually, there are a few mistakes you could have done unknowingly.

And don’t worry! From beginners to experts, they may have committed these mistakes as well. When you’re SEO isn’t working as you want it to be, it’s time to re-examine the steps you’ve taken. Go back to your process and see if you have done the following:

You have chosen the wrong SEO keywords. – While it is true that you have used keywords, have you thought about their relevance? Do they actually do the job? This is one of the common mistakes in SEO, using SEO keywords but not the right ones to drive traffic.

It’s time to review your keywords. A lot can go wrong when you choose them, is it what your potential users would use when they search? Are these words vague, even to an extent confusing – like having double meanings? Choose your keywords carefully – they can make or break your page.

The website has thin content. – We can relate these to the SEO keywords. You may have chosen the right keywords but what does your content have to say about your page? Do you even have meaningful content?

Sometimes, you just want to include all the necessary keywords that you settle for mediocre content. The keywords are there but the contents leave so much to be desired. It is also important to ask if your content is useful to the readers.

When a user goes to your page, will the content engage them? Will it make them stay and read the content? Will it make them come back? These are some questions to ask when you post your articles.

The keywords may bring them to the page but is it enough to create engagement? Make your contents useful also. When your content is good – people may even share it! So aside from choosing the right keywords make your content great too. Together, it makes the page worth going back to.

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